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DHV-OLC   -  Flight Archive Server

Welcome to our large flight repository made from DHV-OLC flights 2002-2006!

Experience the power of searching throughout 63644 flights and 3.423.774km XC with a single mouseclick.

This project here was part of DHV-OLC, developed for the DHV in 2004/2005.
However there are current no plans yet to further add flight data here to this search engine, from DHVXC from 2007 on.
So we leave it running current as it is.
Also please note, most of the flights from German pilots have been imported to the current DHVXC.

There are some tips for using:
- first click GO! - you will see best 5 flights from Laber/Oberammergau
- click on the map - it loads the coordinates into the form
- click on the bookmarks - it loads the coordinates into the form
- press GO! once more
- set the radius to larger value if you do not know where to search
- the coordinate input accept many formats (DD.DDDDD DD MM.MMMM etc...)
- try to search with radius earth
- put your surname in the name field
- change the map to satellite photo

And have a lot of fun with analysing flights.

Last update 25.11.2006